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As a member of Nexus you will benefit from far more than just business networking. Strong relationships are built through ongoing interactions, particularly those outside of formal settings, which is why we encourage members to attend our quarterly events. By creating and maintaining strong relationships socially helps to continue building trust with everyone, giving you the advantage that many other business owners do not have. Most importantly, through our events, we are able to enjoy ourselves whilst raising money for the charities we support.

Networking Across Industries

Unless you are deliberately trying to expand your professional contacts, you gain most of your network through proximity. These are people you know within your own industry, people you are friends with and such. Definitely, it is helpful to have contacts within your...

How To Network Effectively

There are many goals when it comes to networking. Sometimes, it is to get supplies, learn, make friends in useful places, and get advice. It is also to gain potential clients for your business. Clients are what pay the bills, and getting them requires more effort than...

How To Network with Different Generations

Different generations have different levels of expertise in various fields. Why would you not want to tap into those wells of knowledge? The information contained in multiple generations is staggering, and you can get valuable insight into your industry through...

Manners and Appearance Matters

This feels like an obvious comment to make. I mean, it has been in movies, probably told to you by your parents, Appearance matters, Manners matter. This is especially true when it comes to networking. Every person that you meet at a networking event is judging you on...


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