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As a member of Nexus you will benefit from far more than just business networking. Strong relationships are built through ongoing interactions, particularly those outside of formal settings, which is why we encourage members to attend our quarterly events. By creating and maintaining strong relationships socially helps to continue building trust with everyone, giving you the advantage that many other business owners do not have. Most importantly, through our events, we are able to enjoy ourselves whilst raising money for the charities we support.

Using Social media to Network

In the modern era, there are many different ways of networking. It is no longer needed to go to events and meet people face to face. That is simply to make it easier to network. With Social media, there are so many new pathways to the connections you and/or your...

Top Tips on Attending a Virtual Conference

So, networking is a fantastic tool to make valuable connections and to learn new aspects of your business. A major part of that is attending conferences. With the current pandemic and new strain, attending a conference is dangerous. Health and Safety have to come...

What Is Networking And Why Is It Important?

There are a number of different forms of networking, many of which you already have. Networking is a community of people who know each other, in its simplest form. That means you have a friendship, work and family network already. The Kind of networking we encourage...

Top Networking Tips

Networking can be difficult, especially if you are a shy person. Most people don’t realise they already network in their day-to-day life. Meeting people and making friends is a form of networking. Realising that can make networking a little bit easier, but we do have...


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