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As a member of Nexus you will benefit from far more than just business networking. Strong relationships are built through ongoing interactions, particularly those outside of formal settings, which is why we encourage members to attend our quarterly events. By creating and maintaining strong relationships socially helps to continue building trust with everyone, giving you the advantage that many other business owners do not have. Most importantly, through our events, we are able to enjoy ourselves whilst raising money for the charities we support.

I’ve Never Had The Time To Network

Our lives never seem to slow down, and if anything time seems to  be getting shorter and the list of tasks is getting longer. As a business owner, 2020 has thrown a hurdle in the way of normality, increasing the amount to do, and the organisation required to get your...

The Networking Benefits for Small Businesses

Is your business one of the numerous small start up businesses of 2020? 2020, with all its turbulence has seen many take the bull by the horns and make the decision to start up their own business or go freelance. If so, have you got networking written into your diary?...

The Right Membership For You

At Nexus Networking, we understand that businesses require different outcomes from networking. Some simply want to use networking as a tool to get to know like minded people and learn from their co-members. Others look to level up their requirements, using networking...

Building Business Network Connections

    Network connections can be vital to the success of your business. Why? The list is endless. Let's start with the connections themselves. If you use your time to connect with the right people for your business, the vast expanse of knowledge placed in your lap...


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