With everyone back to work after the holidays, now may be the time that you consider networking plans for 2019. With a new year, comes a new approach to networking!

The basis of networking is to learn from others, create business through contacts and bridge relationships that will forge roads to knowledge and success, even long lasting friendship. The opportunity to be a part of a team and all the while standing solo, confidently, as the expertise behind your business, is what great networking can offer you this new year.

The power of networking is easily quantifiable: scouting out the competition, uncover new business opportunities, source new suppliers and build confidence being just a few. In addition, a good proactive networking group provides more than just that or what is typically referred to as a meeting platform.

With regular training sessions, regular speakers and topical discussions provide an opportunity to share tips, network and to develop the local business hub. When conducted effectively in your home territory strategic business partnerships flourish, strong alliances are forged and members work together to source new business opportunities for one another.

Business can sometimes be lonely and that’s why developing a new approach to networking with local business can provide great support alongside uncovering local business opportunities and strengthening relationships with your contacts, clients and colleagues in 2019.

New Year Networking

Here at Nexus Networking Group, we strive to help you become better in all areas of business. Whether it be meeting new contacts, improving your business or yourself personally. If you’re not a member already, you could benefit from being a part of our Nexus groups.

Groups within Marks Tey, Chelmsford and Brentwood bring business professionals together in an environment that is worthwhile for all individuals within a variety of company sizes and tailored industries. We welcome like-minded Business Owners, Managing Directors, CEOs and anyone who would like to represent their company in the best possible light. We like to add members with different skills within different industries, giving our members exclusive access to connecting with experts in a desired field.

If you want to find out more information in relation to all our services at Nexus Networking Group, please email gavin@hawkhurstai.com – alternatively, you can call Gavin on 07776 157 503.

Happy New Year to all new and existing Nexus Networking members – let’s make it a happy and profitable one!