The Nexus Bi-Monthly Drinks is a great way to get to know business owners more easily and on a personal level in addition to business.

A personal relationship is always stronger than one that is purely transactional, rather than a formal networking format of a gala meal or ball, the bi-monthly drinks are a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Running a business is stressful and no one other than fellow business owners will truly understand how it is to run a business.

Subsequently, the bi-monthly Nexus drinks are hugely popular as it beats the Thursday after-office drinks your staff may enjoy.

Come along and experience the Nexus Networking drinks for yourself:

You can attend up to 2 times for free, and if you wish to continue, there is an annual membership payment of £50.

To become a member of the bi-monthly drinks, you must be or become a member of Nexus Networking.