Our Nexus Networking members see results. The average member generates over £27,000 of income per year from their Nexus membership, as we are a group that integrates friendly, structured meetings with the passing of serious business.

Joining our group doesn’t consist of vague small print or unusual clauses, it is simple and straightforward. Our members are proof of the benefits of a Nexus membership.

We are so confident in the results of Nexus, that we offer a moneyback guarantee. If you do not double your money within your 12 month membership, you get your money back. Provided you attend over 80% of meetings and have a one to one with all members, we can guarantee that you will generate lots of new business.

Take a look at some case studies of a few of our current members:

“Having been a member since day one, I have consistently generated at least 40% of my business through Nexus Networking. A reliable income stream has been generated – which is the lifeblood of our business – through regular attendance and focused commitment. Couple that with the strong relationships that have been formed over the years and a recipe for success and support has been established.”

Gavin Perrett, Hawkhurst Alternative Investments

“Nexus makes getting in front of decision makers quick, easy and painless. Meeting new businesses and pitching to new potential customers is arguably the most expensive and time consuming process for any business. The return on investment from my membership is tenfold.”

Danny Nevill, Universal Web Design

“As a small business owner, free business coaching, online marketing and professional videos have helped me no-end are invaluable to me and my business. Furthermore, supporting a local charity ensures I have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy which has helped me secure big deals I never knew how to win. I cannot thank Nexus and its members enough.”

Lee Dickerson, Total IT Solutions

These case studies are proof of the success you can find as part of Nexus Networking. If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, contact Gavin Perrett on 07776 157503 or email gavin@hawkhurstai.com.