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Networking enables you, as a professional, to meet new, likeminded, and potentially useful contacts within the industry. Such a platform can be incredibly useful for gaining knowledge, developing your skillset, and increasing your pool of contacts. As a business, meeting others not only offers the chance to create relationships and the ability to help one another, but it also creates more interest in your business. Members are more likely to suggest other members to their clients over competitors. 


Are You New To The Business Sector?

If you are new to the business sector, the idea of joining a networking groupmay be a daunting one. Whether its a newly set up business or you are launching yourself as an entrepreneur, attending networking events such as Nexus Networking can be crucial to your success. The old saying in business goes ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and this is still relatively true today. 


As a newly fledged business, your list of tasks is undoubtedly never-ending. With this in mind, finding the time to attend a networking event can often seem unlikely. However, attending such events can be incredibly beneficial. By meeting new people within the same industry, you have access to some of the best brains in the industry, equipping you to learn more than content written in books. Having the opportunity to speak with such experienced and knowledgeable people not only enables members to learn from them but also the ability to spread information regarding their own business. Word of mouth is incredibly effective, especially if the person speaking is well regarded in the industry. The members at Nexus Networking are all highly regarded individuals wanting to create long-standing relationships to encourage one another’s businesses to grow. 


Contact Nexus Networking Today

As with any business, you, as a new business are likely to be busy. Nexus Networking understands this and has an agenda for every meeting to guarantee your time is used efficiently with us.  Each Nexus Networking meeting is tailored to be constructive and useful to every member in the room. Meetings involve one to one sessions, group discussions, and public speaking. If you feel your business could benefit from attending a Nexus Networking event, contact us today at 01206 656 160 to speak to a friendly member of the meal. Alternatively, email