Unless you are deliberately trying to expand your professional contacts, you gain most of your network through proximity. These are people you know within your own industry, people you are friends with and such. Definitely, it is helpful to have contacts within your industry. You never know when they’re going to come in handy. But no industry is entirely self-reliant. One day you will surely need a connection from other sectors as well. Therefore, it is incredibly beneficial to have the correct links from different areas before that day comes.
If your network is too narrow a scope, you are limiting yourself in more ways than one. What happens if you decide to change careers? Not having contacts in the new industry will make it harder for you to get a job. What happens if your company starts to branch out? You won’t have anyone who can offer any advice about this new industry. What will you do if you want to expand your customer portfolio in different sectors? Having solid links from other industries will be valuable.
Schedule in time to make connections. Networking is an important ability, so why would you not ensure that you do it regularly? Why not attend a networking event once or twice a month? Most companies that organise networking events will not insist you sign up with them until after joining a few events, so why not take advantage?
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