Every business needs an expansive contact base in order to flourish. Alongside traditional methods of lead generation and prospecting for new business, networking in the modern world is a highly productive investment.

Becoming a member of Nexus Networking can reap great rewards for your business. Aside from the benefits of ‘getting out there’, meeting new people and honing business skills there are many reasons to become part of a proactive networking group.

2015 saw a growth in Nexus memberships, with more and more professionals joining our groups. Throughout the year we opened our doors to many new prospective members through our ‘Networking open days’. These events offer full networking sessions free of charge, providing insight into the Nexus environment by way of taster events.

Nexus understands the power of business relationships and helps boost your company profile with a range of exclusive membership perks. Sometimes just breaking away from the shackles of the office can be a liberating experience. Coming into a networking environment populated with like-minded business heads provides a fresh perspective. Learn from fellow professionals and gain a fresh insight into regional business trends.

Nexus Networking offers a proactive regionalized networking group like no other. We offer an amazing list of core benefits to our members including:



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Social Collaboration

Nexus member benefits include:

Maximizing your corporate identity by providing members with a professionally produced corporate video that we also feature on the Nexus Youtube/Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook channels to expose your business to potentially millions of future clients. Boosting your online and social media presence by promotion of your business, products and/or services on our social media platforms. Business listings within our exclusive ‘members only’ website area to receive enquiries from current, past and future Nexus Networking members. But most crucially we assist with generating new business, as with Nexus your fellow members become your sales force, actively prospecting on behalf of your business week in, week out!


Why not see how Nexus networking can add value to your business by attending one of our free sessions.

“We promise to refund your membership fee if you do not earn double your fee in the first year of membership.” That’s the Nexus guarantee.


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