We’ve been doing some soul-searching, and been trying to work out how we can help our members get the most out of their time with us. That’s why Nexus Networking are now proud to offer a money back guarantee with membership. The terms are simple – if you don’t double your money within a twelve-month period, you’re entitled to have your membership fee fully reimbursed.

You won’t get a 100% money-back guarantee like this with any other networking group, and here at Nexus we figured its only fair that you get your money’s worth from our connected networking group – otherwise, what’s the point? Although, as you can probably tell, we’re pretty confident you’ll find success with us – all our members have through their Nexus membership. Since 2011, over £2m has been passed between our members, and that number continues to rise monthly. On top of that, last year our members recieved an average of £27,000 p.a. extra profit, simply through referrals via Nexus.

We’re a deliberately different networking group, designed to benefit all members and help their businesses to grow. Nexus is a network of like-minded entrepreneurs; business-owners, tradespeople and industry professionals all have a seat around our table, bringing with them the knowledge and expertise of their field.

Come along to your first meeting for just £10 to see what a Nexus membership can do for you and your business. We also have our Training Day on Friday 15th May, which is also only £10 to attend. Simply contact Paul Lomas on 07807 494530 or email paul.lomas@energycentric.co.uk to book your place today.