I guess that we should start with, what is a millennial? Well, a millennial is someone who has come of age in the early 21st century, those who have grown up in the developing digital world and have lived through the new millennium. Millennials are the largest workforce demographic currently in play. They make up to 50% of the total workforce. They are characterised by three main characteristics; tech-savvy, driven and connected. How then, do they network? (source). 

Networking Behavior

Difficulty to network

Millenials all agree that they need to network to succeed. The Issue that they run into is that they are reluctant to physically attend networking events. While they would be attained with friends or in a group, they were hesitant to go at it alone. They do recognise the importance of it but are more reluctant than the earlier generations to commit to it. One of the things that they struggle most with is the ability to both stay connected and reconnect. All this stems from the pierced inability to know what to essay to someone to connect or reconnect. (source). 


Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook and LinkedIn are how millennials prefer to network in many ways. Millennials are well known for their addiction to social media. Many of them have multiple social media accounts and are on them daily, sometimes for hours at a time. This is how networking through social media can replace in-person networking.

Millennials are less likely to attend networking events. They seemingly prefer to remain at home, attend more intimate gatherings to network or, use social media. This is a stark contrast to an earlier generation that seem to prefer networking events. This could be a case of a generational clash. Millennials are known for breaking with tradition, this can be a simple example of that. This could also be an example of the technological skill difference often apparent. Older generations are less likely to be as skilled as millennials in technology and the trappings of digital technology. Traditional networking events would be what they are used to and thrive with. 

Social Media Picture

Generational differences always play a part in how networking evolves. The newer generations will always challenge what has happened in previous. That does not mean that the value of networking events have diminished. Nexus Networking prides itself on being able to appeal to all ages and generations. We are currently hosting our meetings through Zoom, appealing to those who are less likely to come to an event and we are proud to be able to continue our networking events in these troubled times when meeting in person is almost impossible. To Find out more, visit our Website at www.nexusnetworking.co.uk or email us at info@nexusnetworking.co.uk, or give us a call on 01206 588 000.