What To Expect At Nexus

A Weekly 10 Minute 1-1

Within the general meetings, members are assigned a 10-minute 1-1 with a fellow member, guest, or visitor. 1-1’s is invaluable as it enables you to get to know other business owners better than ever before. The same applies to other members who are getting to know you too and this helps others refer to you. We encourage members to enjoy longer 1-1’s outside of the meeting.

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Great Referrals

Referred business is usually the best and easiest to win. Referred business is a key benefit of being a Nexus member. Nexus is all about helping one another to get in the door with your dream clients. Tell your fellow networkers the industries, companies or contacts you would like to meet, as in most instances, someone will know who you want to meet.

Letter Headed Testimonals 

Win more new business by giving your prospective customers reason and confidence to do business with you. There is no greater confidence booster for new customers than those who can see testimonials from other customers who have worked with you. Reassurance is always a great conversion tool.

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Free Business Coaching

Free Business Coaching

Business coaching is renowned for being highly valuable and reasonably expensive. For established businesses, such costs are less of an issue. However, for smaller companies or sole traders, such costs can prove a challenge. As a Nexus member, you receive access to high-quality training sessions on key areas of business.

10 Minute Speaker Slots

Public speaking is a terrifying prospect for most people, even business owners. Most new members do find public speaking rather daunting, however, there is no greater opportunity to practice, prepare and improve than to speak in front of those who support you. It also gives you up to 10 minutes to give all members are greater insight of your experience, the services or products you offer and the types of businesses you really want as customers.

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A Complete CSR Policy

Businesses want to do business with other companies who care, those who look beyond the bottom line and consider other important factors in business and life and those certainly include local charities. No member is obliged to support the local cause, however, Nexus commits to helping any charity it works with to raise attendance at events, offer donations off the back of social events and raise awareness through general meetings too. Charity support is important to Nexus and it should be to you and your business responsibilities.

Free Website Listing

Extend your online presence with an additional listing within search engines such as Google. Every member of Nexus Networking is entitled to their very own members profile page and within this section of the website, you can list your key contact details, services or products you offer, a link to your website and personal bio to help visitors consider your services..

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Great Venues

Great Venues

Every venue is carefully selected to ensure that all members benefit from the perfect business networking environment and this is why any venue selected needs to be well designed for a structured meeting with break out areas for 10-minute one to ones with fellow members..

Excellent Food & Drink

All meetings offer various food and drink options to suit your preferences. Meetings typically offer a wide selection of both cooked breakfast options as well as continental selections. All meetings offer more than enough food and drinks to ensure all members are refreshed ahead of and during every meeting. Personal dietary requirements can be met provided the venue are informed.

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Social Events

There is no better way to get to know one another than outside of a general meeting. We do advise members to have extended 1-1s with one another outside of the general meetings, however, attending social events can break the ice quickly and naturally. We all enjoy social occasions, hence the importance to socialise with one another in a social format. At present there are four social events throughout the year.