Success Stories

Gavin Perrett

Hawkhurst Invest

I have been networking for a number of years and no one quite does networking as Nexus does. Nexus combines structure and formality with friendliness and support so well that all meetings are enjoyable and lots of business is passed. In terms of business generated, Nexus either directly or indirectly equates to circa 40% of my business and this is a sizable chunk of great importance to both myself and my company, subsequently, I ensure I am well prepared for all meetings and look to pass as much business as possible as I do believe that givers gain and this has certainly been true for me at Nexus Networking.

Danny Nevill

Universal Web Design

Nexus Networking has been invaluable to us as a business. Meeting with Essex based business owners on a regular basis enables us to connect with and meet prospective customers face to face. Getting in front of decision makers is often a challenging process, although, through Nexus Networking we are able to meet, discuss and pitch our services to them and their contacts each week. Through Nexus Networking we are also able to refer our clients to other businesses we have confidence in and being able to help and advise our clients enables us to build strong, lasting relationships through our network of contacts. If you are looking to grow your business, I cannot recommend networking highly enough.

Sheila Moses

Mellow Moments

It was only four years ago that I started my own business and thankfully I was introduced to Nexus Networking through a friend. Meeting with professional business owners each week has enabled me to meet and reach more contacts than I had ever imagined which has been of incredible benefit and value to both myself and my business. If you are a business owner looking to use the services and or products of trustworthy business people, you must try Nexus Networking. Because at the end of the day, we all buy from people one way or another and Nexus enables you to get in front of the people who buy or know the people who will. Networking works for me and every business industry or category, just give it time.

Paul Lomas


As a founding member I suppose it would seem bias to suggest that Nexus is the best business networking organisation I have been to, however, as bold as it may seem, I can honestly say that it is. Unlike most other business network groups that are quite frankly a waste of time and money, Nexus ensures that all meetings are productive and that all members benefit through; referrals, training, support, new contacts, joint venture opportunities and a corporate social responsibility policy. Supporting local causes is not only a great thing to do as I am a huge advocate for charities and supporting them, but there are also commercial benefits to supporting charities that big businesses look for that most small businesses are aware of and this helps us win some of our larger contracts. If you want to get involved with supporting fantastic local causes, get in touch as we aim to raise £10,000 for our charities each year..

Chris Black

Network Group Ltd

Like many members within the room, I have networked at various networking groups, however, none of them come close to Nexus in terms of the support, advice, referrals and business opportunities you receive. To date, I have been a member of Nexus for circa 5 years and each year I seem to generate more new business. Some visitors do not seem to understand networking as it is about getting to know people and to build their trust by attending regularly and informing them of the benefits of your services and or products to then make it easy for members within the room to refer business to you, this process coupled with when opportunities arise does take time, however, it is well worth the wait. Some years we have generated close to six figures in new business through Nexus alone.

Natalie Williams

Action Coach

As a company, we deliver training sessions and provide ongoing coaching to business owners looking to increase spare time, whilst improving company profits.Through Nexus, we are able to meet with our ideal clients on a regular basis, we also get referrals to other business owners they know which is invaluable for our business as it is to all businesses in the room. I am a big believer that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. If you are honestly looking to improve your business and to grow your contacts, then you must visit a professional networking organisation that works.

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