Nexus Networking is an ever-growing networking group in Essex. With members from a vast range of industries, join us in supporting, learning and generating business with the help of others. 

Nexus is a very inclusive group welcoming all new members. There are 3 membership options which are as follows:

Full Membership               £395 Per Annum

  • £50 Joining Fee
  • £60 Per Month
  • Lockout
  • Weekly Meetings

Lite Lunch Membership    £360 Per Annum

  • £50 Joining Fee
  • No Lockout
  • Monthly Meetings

Training Package               £150 Per Annum

  • £50 Joining Fee
  • 6 Sessions Per Annum

Here are some success stories from our Nexus members.

“Through Nexus, we are able to meet with our ideal clients on a regular basis, we also get referrals to other business owners they know which is invaluable for our business as it is to all businesses in the room. I am a big believer that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. If you are honestly looking to improve your business and to grow your contacts, then you must visit a professional networking organisation that works.” – N.W

“Like many members within the room, I have networked at various networking groups, however, none of them come close to Nexus in terms of the support, advice, referrals and business opportunities you receive. To date, I have been a member of Nexus for circa 5 years and each year I seem to generate more new business. Some visitors do not seem to understand networking as it is about getting to know people and to build their trust by attending regularly and informing them of the benefits of your services and or products to then make it easy for members within the room to refer business to you, this process coupled with when opportunities arise does take time, however, it is well worth the wait. Some years we have generated close to six figures in new business through Nexus alone.” – C.B

To find out more about our membership options visit our website, or contact us today. 

Call us on 01206 656160 or email