Contact Details

Member: Adam Jenkins
Company: Now Strike Archery
Phone: 01621 842386
Mobile: 07812 522 993

Nexus Role: Membership Coordinator
Category: Archery


  • Medieval Archery and Historic themed events for Corporate hospitality and Away Days.
  • Historic Education services at all key stage levels
  • Family longbow archery days
  • Stag and Hen medieval packages
  • Film and media services
  • Traditional craft courses including longbow making, arrow making and black smithing
  • Coaching sessions in longbow archery for both beginners and advanced
  • Retail of bespoke hand made archery equipment


Business Profile

We offer historical interpretation and demonstration centred on the hundred years war period with demonstrations of living history and use of the traditional weapons. In addition we offer hands on experiences to teach you about traditional crafts and archery.

Now Strike is unique in that we enable people to use a yew longbow at our have a go session. We are also proud to include clients such as the National Trust, English Heritage, Pike and Shot Events Ltd and other such organisations and attend many shows and events throughout the year.







”  This was a great day out with a relaxed atmosphere, historic scene setting, friendly unstressed competition (if you wanted it) and lots of arrows to loose at the “enemy” targets. Out tutor is highly experienced and his focus was on ensuring we had a safe, fun day. 

Rob Hadfield

”  Adam was simply brilliant. A really enjoyable day. A great learning experience all round. I’ve always wanted to shoot an arrow properly and the techniques taught by Adam made me feel I would like to continue and buy my own bow.


”  This was bought as a gift for me and I didn’t really know what to expect. It was a brilliant day out and Adam was an incredible storyteller adding some real perspective to what we were learning through some colourful examples in history. As we got better through the day and hitting targets became an actual possibility I found myself wanting more arrows and time to do it and by the end of the day I was contemplating bribing Adam to allow me just three more shots… Great day and highly recommend.