On Wednesday, our members continued their winning streak by raising a further £8,000 for charity at the Langdon Hills Golf Club’s Charity Golf Day. This is the second event our budding putters have participated in recently, and it won’t be their last. Danny Nevill, Lee Taylor, Eddie Wheeler and John Miller – who helped to organise the event – all played well, demostrating how easy it can be to turn a passion or hobby, into something to be used for good.

At the 9th hold, Danny Nevill hit a 325-yard drive uphill – an impressive feat, which left bystanders applauding the Nexus members’ skills. The team were fortunate enough to catch a sunny afternoon, making playing conditions perfect, and adding to the enjoyment of the whole day. However, the most important thing to remember about events like this golf day, is the huge benefits it brings to local charities, such as Brainwave, Sawyers Church and Carers Trust.

Our members will continue to work tirelessly in support of the charities in our local communities – raising money through events, and spreading awareness through our campaigns. This is all part of the Nexus ethos – just as we reinvest all membership feesback into our members, we reinvest our time and energy back into our communities.

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