Behind the scenes, the directors of Nexus Networking Group are working hard to create the ideal group of networking events allowing business people to create strong, useful relationships to help their companies prosper. Nexus Networking Group has become one of the leading networking events within Essex, offering weekly group meetings in different locations across the county, but who are the directors leading the way?


Gavin Perrett

Gavin oversees the sales activities at Nexus Networking. From the point of signing new members to ensuring current members are finding their Nexus Networking experience useful, Gavin monitors overall membership levels for each individual networking group. From the moment of initial interest, Gavin will be your go-to director for membership queries. 


Rob Browring

Rob is responsible for the operations of Nexus Networking. As a networking event, Nexus prides itself on providing a platform for allowing members to utilise their relationships with others in the room. The agenda at meetings are organised to allow members to gain the most from their time at a Nexus event. Rob’s role is to ensure all members are gaining the most from their Nexus Networking experience. Rob does so by attending all agendas and committee meetings, using feedback to constantly develop Nexus Networking.

Danny Nevill

Danny, with his expert experience in marketing and web design, has created all marketing and online content for Nexus Networking. Not only does Danny provide the marketing tools for Nexus Networking, but all members also have the opportunity to have access to the support on offer by Danny. His team at Universal Web Design provides content on the Nexus Networking website for all members and their business profiles. 

Each director brings their expertise to the table, creating a strong team to lead the way for Nexus Networking. All directors are incredibly driven to provide a successful networking structure, ensuring members are able to gain the most from their time with Nexus. If you feel your business could benefit from attending a Nexus Networking event, contact us today on 01206 656 160 to speak to a friendly member of the meal. Alternatively, email