At Nexus, we rave about the benefits of networkingfor yourself and your business. At Nexus Networking, we go the extra mile for you to gain the most from your time with us. But what makes Nexus Networking different from our competitors? The answer isn’t as simple as a list. We can reel off how we offer scheduled, planned meetings, but the answer is, we organise members and conduct meetings to benefit those within the room. Our number one priority is our members, and enabling them to make the most of our resources.

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Lockout Policy

One large factor for why our members have chosen Nexus is our lockout policy. The policy stops any competitors becoming members. Such a promise enables members to gain the upper hand whilst being reassured that they are not having to compete within the room.


The Nexus Online Platform

The online presence of Nexus Networking is massive, and one we want to share with our members. As a networking group, we understand the importance of our relationship with our members. The social media platforms used by Nexus are also used to promote members, informing followers of their services and utilising the platform as another method for sales.


Lockout Icon Specific Grouping

At present, Nexus Networking has four locations for networking in Essex. By having smaller groups at different locations members are able to gain stronger relationships with those most useful to them. For instance, at Nexus, we could host one large event a week with all our members. However, such an event would not be useful, members would not be able to work their way around the room, and if they did, little information would be gained from individuals. Therefore, having smaller meetings allows members to build genuine relationships with those that have businesses in their local area. 

As a networking event, we at Nexus believe that we are leading the way for our members by creating a useful platform for their business. At Nexus we don’t simply organise events for our members to meet, we structure and pre plan an agenda to ensure our members time is utilised. There is nowhere else better to meet those that can benefit your business than at a Nexus Networking event.