Just because December marks the Christmas period, doesn’t mean you have to be a Scrooge when it comes to potential business opportunities. For many of us, it’s a month of winding down, social gatherings and Christmas parties but others also see it as an interruption to business. They worry too much about the month’s distractions – the weather, the risk of falling behind on sales and marketing, absences of staff taking extended holidays, and it being an awkward time of year to rake in new business. But is this really the case?

Every businessman/woman has their own ways of drumming up business, one of the most popular ways is a face to face meet. This strategy is perfect for Christmas, as it is the one time of the year that you’re most likely to meet new people at social gatherings – networking at it’s finest form!

The art of business thinking is sometimes about being switched on, whether you want to think about work over the Christmas period is up to you. But when you return to the office in the new year, you might just have yourself a tasty sale!

If you’re willing to adopt this process, make sure you keep business cards on you when you attend these type of gatherings. If you’re talking to someone and the subject of work arises and what they do, it might be worth handing them a business card – “I really enjoyed meeting you, let’s have another drink together sometime, here’s my card.”

Many businesses use the tactic of referrals to become successful, but in terms of Christmas touting, what’s your advantage? It’s called likeability and trust – built through a rapport. This is what will stand you in good stead of being thought of when your friends, colleagues or new contacts are faced with the opportunity to give you a business referral.

The only thing you may have to think about is picking the right time to talk about work around your social group, after all who wants to hear a sales pitch while tucking into their turkey on Christmas Day?!

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Ensure that your business is spoken about throughout the festive period. Through business networking you are guaranteed to meet like minded business professionals from a wide range of industries, where you can share and help each other become successful, especially with the new year only around the corner too!

If you’re interested in a spot of Christmas networking and and starting your new year strategy with a well renowned networking group, call 07776 157503 to seek advice on group memberships and general enquiries for future training days and open days etc. Alternatively you can email gavin@hawkhurstai.com today!

Celebrate Christmas in style this December with Nexus Networking!