Make a One-to-One Work For You

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Networking one to one meetings are the essential part of your business networking success. These meetings are the best way to understand your fellow net-workers and develop your relationship with them. So, how do you make a one-to-one work for you?

At Nexus Networking Group, we believe it’s invaluable to have one to one meetings with all group members. This approach can enable you to choose and focus on regular and productive meetings with members that are beneficial to you and what you may be looking for.  

One to one meetings presents many business opportunities with your fellow members:

  • What each other are looking for
  • How you can help each other
  • Other facts that might help develop your relationship or rapport
  • How well you are being understood in the regular group meetings

You will get more from the meeting if you know something about the other person, and vice versa. To start the ball rolling with a one-to-one meet, there’s no time like the present to arrange a meeting. Take into consideration where you’ll meet, a nice quiet environment where you won’t be interrupted is always best!

It’s also worth estimating how long the meeting will go on for, you’re both busy business people after all! An hour is the normal time people consider, but it may not be long enough if you have a lot to discuss. On the other hand an hour of talking to somebody you don’t often refer to may be all you need. However, make sure you both know what you will get from the experience.

Essentially, you will want them to understand something about your business, something about your credibility and about you as a person and how to find referrals for you. It’s worth planning what you’ll say in line with your objectives.

A networking one to one meeting is also great for receiving feedback, especially when it comes to others understanding of what you’re looking for from your meetings and overall experience within Nexus.

Networking is all about finding out other networker’s business ideas and aspirations and how you can help each other in business. It pays to be ready with a response that answers the question, addresses key points, and explains how you’re different from others in your industry – every business can be unique, if you allow the process to develop through the right channels of communication.

If the person is thinking about using your service or knows someone else who may benefit from one after a great conversation, then you’ve gone a long way towards setting the stage for a possible one-to-one referral.

Here at Nexus Networking Group, we strive to help you become better in all areas of business. Whether it be meeting new contacts, improving your business or yourself personally.

If you’re not a member already, you could benefit from being a part of our Nexus groups for now and the future of your business.

If you want to find out more information in relation to one-to-one meetings or any other services at Nexus Networking Group, please contact our email – – alternatively, you can call Gavin on 07776 157 503.

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