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Member: Maddy Deason
Company: Medical Detection Dogs
Phone01296 655 888
Mobile: 07956 294 304
Nexus Role: Member
Category: Charity

Business Profile

I have been a volunteer with Medical Detection Dogs for almost 6 years and I am involved as a foster carer, speaker and fund raiser, but mostly I am a socialiser for the puppies.

The charity has just turned 15 years old and trains dogs to be either an assistant dog or a bio-detection dog. Currently I have Kenny, a black Labrador who is 18 months old, and has been living with us since he was 10 weeks old. The plan for him is to become an assistance dog for a client with a sudden drop disease. Assistant dogs are trained to the changes in odour of the client before they collapse, the dog will alert the client who will then be able to get themselves safe before the collapse, the dog will stay with them all the while they are unconscious. Some dogs also work with clients with type 1 diabetes.

The Bio-detection dogs are trained to smell individual odours such as cancers, prostrate cancer, malaria, pseudomonas and Covid. Currently there is work in progress with a US University in Massachusetts regarding AI and Parkinsons Disease.