Don’t live your life throwing money at nameless corporate monopolies, think of the importance of local businesses in your area. In such a fast-paced environment as the 21st century, many people fail to think about the repercussions of ignoring the quirky, independent businesses in your area, but we want to change that attitude. Here at Nexus Networking, we think supporting local businesses is paramount to modern day living, so here’s a few reasons why:

1. Community Well-Being – local businesses build strong communities in your area. They link neighbours in a web of economic and social relationships, sustain vibrant town centres,and contribute to local causes. By supporting local businesses, you support the general well-being of your local community.

2. Local Economy – Locally owned businesses pump a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy than larger, corporate businesses. This injection into the local economy means an enriched local community built upon growth and innovation.

3. Character! – Who wants to live in a world where everything looks the same? Local, independent businesses mean different businesses – different owners, attitudes, products and cultures. It’d be a shame to lose local character.

4. Local Jobs – More business = more jobs. If a locally owned business is successful, more jobs will be created. Not only do jobs in smaller, independent businesses often mean more recognition, but also better wages and benefits.

5. Competition – a large market of small businesses ensures innovation, competition and low prices in the long-term scheme of things. This also leads to a larger diversity in products too.

Don’t forget about your local businesses. Buying a product from a local business means that your money goes directly to them – directly to an individual’s livelihood, a family’s food bill, or to their children’s dance lessons – not into a stranger’s back pocket towards their fifth holiday home in St. Lucia.

Choosing local businesses means that your community thrives, and you get to build relationships with people from your area. For local businesses, there is nothing more important than an expansive contact base in order to grow and develop. Nexus Networking focuses on the importance of local networking between businesses, so that they can support each other too. Click here to see how a Nexus membership could benefit your local business.

We make networking fun. We have created a friendly networking environment whilst exchanging genuine business between members. Our members, on average, benefit from £27,000 worth of business each year.

Choose local, and you’ll soon see the benefits!