After the launch of the new Lite Lunch group, we are pleased to say it was a huge success! At Nexus Networking, we are so keen to get as many business owners in the area involved in our networking system as possible! We are strong believers that networking is so important for many reasons. 

It strengthens business connections, as networking is about sharing not talking. It’s about forming trust and helping others towards their goal. By sharing experiences and interacting with new people, you are able to form fresh ideas. These ideas could end up being the most groundbreaking ones that increases your brand identity. By seeing something from someone else’s viewpoint, can give you a different perspective that you didn’t see the first time.


As much as networking is about business and sharing thoughts, ideas and practises. You will find that some of you longest lasting personal relationships will come from networking. By surrounding yourself with like minded people with similar goals, you motivate each other to work harder but you also will find you get along very well. 

The next Lite Lunch will be held at The Wine Cellar Bar & Bistro in Chelmsford. This is the same venue as the launch, and it will always be held there unless told otherwise. All Lite Lunch events will be held on the 1st Tuesday of every month, so come down and join us! Get your ticket here!

Tuesday 1st October 2019

12pm – 3pm 

The Wine Cellar Bar & Bistro


If you are intending to come along as a guest then it is £30.00 for a ticket, you can purchase them here. If you want to become a member you need to fill out an application form, and if successful you will need to pay £360 per year plus a one off £50 joining fee. 

A buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided – along with ample opportunity to network with successful and like minded business owners who can share insight and experience. For more information call us on 07776 157 503 or you can email