Contact Details

Member: Lindsey Bidwell
Company: Lennox Children’s Cancer Charity
Phone: 07511 208 425
Mobile: 07511 208 425
Nexus Role: Member
Category: Charity


  • Financial Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Practical Support
  • Free Respite Breaks
  • Family Team Support
  • Form Filling Assistance
  • Medical Terms Guidance
  • Time For You
  • Fundraising 
  • Business Partnerships 
  • Fundraising at Schools 
  • Fundraising at Colleges
  • Fundraising at Universities 
  • Staff Engagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • CSR Policies 
  • Support Certificates 
  • Letters of Appreciation 
  • PR 
  • Social Awareness
  • Group Meetings 
  • 121 Meetings
  • Donations 

 Business Profile

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund supports families through childhood cancer.

For more than 30 years, Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund has managed to help and support families who are suffering from a traumatic and heart wrenching experience.

The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund wants to help more people in need of help and to reach those people who are struggling with this extremely painful time in their lives.

Lindsey Bidwell of Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund, proactively networks, connects and speaks at events to grow the awareness of Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund and all the support services it can offer to those in need.

Lindsey Bidwell of Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund is looking to work with businesses who can donate time, money and or services to help and support the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

As a business, by supporting a charity, you are doing you part in terms of your corporate social responsibility as businesses and people alike, want to work with good businesses who care about others.

Discuss options and opportunities with Lindsey Bidwell as she is more than happy to have a conversation with you.