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Controlling costs of a business is key to longevity. Calculating outgoing costs and the bottom line against the rewards or revenue is a tricky, yet necessary task. Some costs are more difficult to calculate than others. Networking, for instance, is one of them. The rewards gained from outgoings such as networking are not always monetary or trackable. Networking has a whole host of positive aspects, bringing rewards to your business.

Monetary Rewards

Covering the cost of your membership and time spent at networking events is often a necessary requirement. Nexus Networking sets up the ideal scenario for your business to utilise the other members within the room, however as the old adage states ‘you get what you put in’. Typically the return on investment for members at Nexus Networking varies depending on their length of time at Nexus, the number of meetings attended, and whether they have used the one-to-one sessions available. If a member had attended most meetings and had one to one sessions with all members for over a year are likely to experience a return of around £31,500 per annum. 


Not all investment is based on monetary value. By joining Nexus Networking, the opportunity opens up the doors to learn from other business people. The knowledge in the room is vast and can be utilised by spending time getting to know other members through one to one sessions, or group discussions. 



Every member of Nexus Networking is a business professional. Being able to interact and create relationships with such individuals enables a useful contact base to be formed. Having relationships can be beneficial for both parties and such a strong network can help with any support your business may need.


At Nexus Networking, we want your business to flourish.  Nexus Networking aims to help you develop into a well rounded, successful business professional, to do so, we offer sessions to help develop the traits needed for success. We understand that meeting new people and speaking up can be a daunting prospect for many. Because of this, we offer sessions, such as public speaking, to help grow your confidence.


If you feel you and your business could benefit from attending a Nexus Networking event, contact us today at 01206 656 160 to speak to a friendly member of the meal. Alternatively, email