Let Your Clients Know Just How Valued They Are Over Christmas

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With the annual John Lewis advert causing a bit of a stir recently, it confirms that Christmas is nearly upon us as we get ready for present buying and time with the family. But will you give your clients the greatest gift of all with your gratitude?

The Christmas period is the time of year when your clients may need your products and services more than every other month of the year. So, will you thank your customers this year for their valued commerce?

It’s always worth ensuring clients know just how important they are to you and your business, you’ll be securing a customer for life not just for… Well, Christmas!

If you reach out and wish new, potential clients a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year you might find they’ll respond positively, subconsciously relating your brand to something that only a Scrooge wouldn’t love!

By sending a simple and heartfelt message, you’ll also be promoting your customer service and care for all to see over the festive period. As they say, it’s the most wonderful time of year… So, why not wish your clients well through the feel good factor of Christmas and New Year!

Thank each and every one of your them on how valuable they are because, without them, your business might not be where it is today!


If you’re heading to our Nexus Networking weekly groups before Christmas, it’s well worth handing out your business card as well as making multiple days and raising thousands of smiles, when you wish your fellow business contacts and customers thanks and season’s greetings this year.

Throughout the year of 2017, the purpose of Nexus Networking has been simple – to help you develop the contacts, skills and knowledge to grow your business and boost your profit! Invest your time wisely and make the introductions that really pay off.

If you have any questions or queries regarding anything to do with Nexus Networking Group, please call or email Gavin Perrett for further information, support or advice. Call 07776 157503 or alternatively email gavin@hawkhurstai.com.

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