When it comes to Networking, a good idea is to build and know a reliable pipeline of fellow professionals and businesses. As the old saying goes, treat people in the way you wanted to be treated yourself – sometimes it’s also all about who you know in the business world!


One of the most simplest and effective ways of starting a connection or tying up a loose end is if you actually know the client you’re dealing with.

At Nexus Networking Group you’ll meet so many new like-minded people that you will connect and click with on a business and personal level too – you may even know them already!

Once you have a strong relationship you will feel obliged to do each other the odd favour here and there, this is what business can be all about. As a result, one of the easiest ways to get into the referral habit is to ask everyone you do business about any other issues or problems they need help with and referring the best person you know from a specific trade that can help them out.

This is not to say that if you give a referral to someone, they will then reciprocate by giving you a referral back. However, if you get into that referral habit and encourage others within your network to do the same, you should get your fair share of business – if you are not then you need to find out why by asking people within your network.

You can take this a step further so that you can build a reliable and predictable level of business through referral into your forecasts and projections. There comes a point in some of your relationships when both parties would advocate each other unreservedly. This will lead to some referral activity, but there will be many opportunities that you both miss.

It’s amazing how many opportunities we uncover in these Nexus Networking Group sessions, that we would subsequently miss out on if we didn’t give it a try! Building rapport with potential new clients and other heads of business will strengthen the trust from all parties.

If you haven’t been to a networking event before, now is the time to enquire about getting involved with the meetings we put on to gather information and strike up these all important business relationships – it gives you a chance to experience new and interesting business as a result.

At Nexus Networking Group you can view our networking events on this website, we provide all the know how in terms of Business networking.