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Member: Julia Lawrence
Company: Achieve IT All
Mobile: 07932 622898
Nexus Role: Member
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Are you ready to transform your business – and yourself?

I love helping people to see things in new and different ways. I started out working with children, and then education professionals – to be the best they could be. Now I spend my time with small start-up companies and solo-preneurs with amazing visions – but in need of greater clarity and confidence in their ability to deliver on their dreams.

I help them to:

• Establish a clear vision of
◦ where they want to go
◦ why they want to go there
◦ what they need to get there
• Set the right goals - goals that they can achieve, and do achieve
• Be confident in their ability to achieve their goals - and to tackle challenges head-on
• Believe that they can get the results they dream about
• Think and live creatively
• Take action to make things happen

You can Achieve it All

Everyone can have, do or be whatever they dream about – all it takes is clarity, belief and action.

If you, or someone you know, wants to 'make life extraordinary' let's talk!


-1:1 and group coaching

-Personal and professional development

-Bespoke business skills training

-Motivational speaking

Textbox Section
  • Claire Thomas – The Rivermead Osteopaths
    "Julia is very knowledgeable in her field. Throughout her programme she skilfully navigates you in a process that assesses your strengths and weaknesses, your current reality and your future hopes. She supports you in how to set effective goals, whatever is relevant to you - work and play. She is a mind of information, and offers very useful techniques and strategies in order to achieve this. With Julia’s help I have set goals, made them achievable through careful planning and I’m getting stuff done! Julia has given me the tools to plan effectively for the future, and I know how I can achieve success."