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John Brandler – I have appeared on numerous TV shows as an ( I don’t like this word) expert on Street Art / from The Apprentice & 4 Rooms to ITN / BBC / Sky news programmes , even Newsnight .I have also , in the same context appeared numerous times in paper ranging from The Times & Financial Times to The Sun and events where we facilitate charities getting huge amounts through art.

WYSIWYG is the computer term & it applies, What You See is What You Get.

My clients range (literally) from a local Dustman & a Parafin Salesman to members of the House of Lords and everyone is treated the same. Life’s too short to mess around. In the same way, when you visit my gallery the art on show – I own. I put my money where my mouth is. I don’t put on shows , borrow art & if it does not sell give it back – There is no commitment there – so I have to choose the best at any time to show my clients. I advised clients to buy Banksy from 2003/4 , Pure Evil from 2005/6 and many other successes. I always keep some for my own private collection and I like to see the delight when clients realise they have done well .

I believe art is for pleasure and profit and the dividend is the pleasure you get every day seeing it.


- Picture Framing

- Picture Restoration

- Valuations for Insurance

- Antique Valuations

- Commisioning artwork for developers

-Advising Art Investors

-Products include art Prints and originals ( starting at £35.00 ) by artists including Damien HIrst , David Hockney , Peter Blake , John Constable , Thomas Gainsborough , Tom Keating Norman Hepple , Carel Weight , Roy Lichtenstein , Banksy , Pure Evil


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  • Kate, Brentwood
    Friendly and approachable gallery... I have visited the gallery several times, to look around and appreciate the art. I have always been made to feel welcome, even though I have not made a purchase, and have had the benefit of talking to John Brandler as he has always been in the shop when I have popped in. Last week I went in search of inspiration for a birthday gift- I had a very modest budget, of under £50, but found the perfect illustration from a book. I was treated with the same courtesy as if I had spent £1000. Do not feel you have to have huge budget to visit this gallery- if you are lucky you will find something you love and that you can afford.
  • Heath, London
    I have only recently come into contact with Brandler Galleries, However its clear to me that John uses foresight rather than hindsight to predict what to buy as an investment.
  • Rob Weerts, Utrecht
    Brandler Galleries is a pleasure to do business with... John has shown his expertise and service oriented mindset in a purchase I did recently. The collection he has is solid, the art piece I ordered with him was delivered quickly and in mint condition. I will certainly do business with him again in the future.