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Member: James Leighton 
Company: Your Next Car
Phone: 020 3399 8060
Nexus Role: Member
Category: Car Sales


Your Next Car is the future of buying and selling cars online. Specifically designed to make buying cars online a safe, streamlined and enjoyable experience. As you shall see, there is a reduction in adverts, removal of gimmicks and disposal of irrelevant information from listings. 


Your Next Car is a clean, ultra-modern, easy to use and fast means of finding your next car. Working closely with car dealerships, Your Next Car has removed many unnecessary questions pre-enquiry on the vehicle. 

Business Profile

YOUR NEXT CAR is a next-generation online portal for listing cars by UK Car Dealerships but designed to benefit car dealers over the general public by creating a community for them to work in collaboration with each other.

We do not allow private sales on our site, therefore, avoiding fake listings that drive down the value of the cars and we offer big monthly savings to the dealerships with the additional benefit of actually owning a share in the company itself.

So we are looking for connections to UK Car Dealerships who want to save money, increase profits and work with their competitors instead of against them and regain control of their marketplace. Putting Car Dealerships back in the driving seat!


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