Our lives never seem to slow down, and if anything time seems to  be getting shorter and the list of tasks is getting longer. As a business owner, 2020 has thrown a hurdle in the way of normality, increasing the amount to do, and the organisation required to get your business through the year, let alone the predictions for the next year to come.

With minimal time, networking may not be top of the agenda, but it should be. Networking does not directly relate to an increase of revenue for your business, but look at the bigger picture. By being introduced to a group of professionals, regarded highly within their market, your business will be ranked amongst them and can utilise the knowledge and connections of such people.

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Networking Just Got More Appealing

Networking, although incredibly valuable, does take time up in an already busy day. But not as much as you may think. At Nexus Networking, all meetings have been transferred onto Zoom. Holding meetings on Zoom allows us to offer our members the same great service, whilst cutting out the travel time for our members. By streamlining our services, we not only become more appealing to potential members, but we are also able to offer our current members a great service, without them having to sacrifice too much out of their schedules.

If you have never found the time to network, now is the ideal opportunity to give it a go. We at Nexus offer two complimentary meetings for those interested in how we operate. Now is the ideal time to take up the offer. Our members have found Zoom an incredibly useful tool and no doubt as a business professional, Zoom is not a new concept for you. At Nexus Networking we believe that the resources gained from our networking events go far beyond the time taken at events, thus once we reconvene back to physical meetings, members will be more than happy to take the time to attend.

Come and find out for yourself and attend a Zoom meeting today. Fill out an attendance form by clicking here. The benefits of attending networking events can propel your business, why wait!