Different generations have different levels of expertise in various fields. Why would you not want to tap into those wells of knowledge? The information contained in multiple generations is staggering, and you can get valuable insight into your industry through networking across generations. However, different generations are networking in different ways. Not that there isn’t some crossover in networking methods, but knowing roughly how to reach different generations is always a good idea.

Baby Boomers

This is usually the generation that was born from 1946 to 1964. This was a generation that was born and worked before we relied so much upon technology. Baby boomers created connections based on the human factor, rather than via technological advances. This generation understands their industry as they worked in it, for many years. They can help you navigate issues that do not change regardless of how technology has advanced. To connect with this generation, you need to focus on the human connection. To communicate with them, bring up topics you both can relate to. To follow up, make phone calls or send letters rather than look towards emails. A lot of this generation struggle with technology, and even if they do not, the personal touch is far more appreciated. 

Generation X

Generation X is primarily described as people born between 1965 and 1980. This is generally a more independent generation in comparison to the baby boomers. They prefer to resolve matters and problems for themselves. With this generation, the human connection factor is not as important as baby boomers. So to connect with this generation, provide them with enough information so that they can decide for the reasons for and against, as to whether they should connect with you.


This is the generation that was born after 1980. Now, millennials can have a bad rap, but on the whole, that is not entirely deserved. This generation either grew up with technology evolving or with technology everywhere. This condition makes them a bit better at using technology than most others. They can be more open-minded and are usually very confident. To connect with this generation. The aim should be to focus more on how you are different from other competitors. For best communication with this generation, email them, text them or connect through social media. Millennials is a very technology-reliant and not one that appreciates phone calls as much as previous generations.

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