There are many goals when it comes to networking. Sometimes, it is to get supplies, learn, make friends in useful places, and get advice. It is also to gain potential clients for your business. Clients are what pay the bills, and getting them requires more effort than you might think. It is not all about marketing, after all. Connections are about gaining clients through meeting the right people at the right time. Those connections may not be your clients directly, but they could have referred you on. So here are some tips on how to network more effectively when you are looking for clients. 

First of all, set a goal to meet at least five people at each networking event you attend. You must attend networking events and meet people. Adding on from this, if you have a common goal of meeting a certain number of people at each event, you will not simply gravitate towards the same old acquaintances. You come to these events not only to maintain old contacts but to make new ones, after all. Plus, the newcomers will be grateful for it, and you never know what impact these people will have on your business or what they could offer you.

No matter how much you do not like to attend networking events, try to attend one or two new groups a month. You can usually get away with attending a few initially before you have to join a networking company or group. Take advantage of that! Just make sure you know what businesses and organisations will be the best fit for you. Plus, many of these can be activities that you enjoy, such as a sport, so you could have fun while you network.

Business cards are a must. No, they have not gone out of date and are now out of fashion. These are very much an essential part of the business world. Carry them with you everywhere. You never know when you are going to make great contact. Take it to the gym, cafes, around and don’t just hand it over like it means nothing. In some countries, there is a certain level of ceremony when it comes to handing over a business card.

Networking events are often seated affairs but do not just make a beeline for your seat. Has the event started yet? No? Then what are you waiting for? Be proactive and start networking already! After all, once the event begins, you might not be able to mingle.

Be active; people remember active people more than passive people. Join several committees or groups. Volunteer to join committees, board and take part in charitable events. People are far more likely to remember you if you are working with a number of these suggestions.

Remember also that networking is a two-way street, So you need to be willing to give as well as receive. Not many contacts will be glad to hand over more contacts or advice unless you are equally ready to do the same. Remember to follow up on your contacts, keep in touch and share information often that might benefit them. More than likely, this will encourage them to do the same.

There are many ways in which to network and chain valuable contacts. Nexus Networking is dedicated to ensuring that the right people meet one another. To find out more, visit our website at, email us at or give us a call on 01206 588 000.