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Networking has been proven to be successful and efficient. By joining a networking event, you are automatically given the opportunity to create relationships that may prove useful for your business. However, are you making the most out of your time at networking events? 

At Nexus Networking, all meetings have a specific agenda to allow our members to use their time with us efficiently. Nexus meetings are structured to encourage interaction and time to get to know other members and their businesses. With this in mind, as a member, you want to make the most out of your time with us. 

Attend Every Week

Relationships are formed at Nexus Networking events. The more you attend, the stronger your relationships are likely to be. By attending on a regular basis, you’re able to interact, not only to ensure all members are aware of your business but also to gain knowledge of other members’ businesses and how you can both benefit each other.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Networking is all about interaction. You never know how another member can help you and your business. Whether directly or indirectly, all members have the ability to bring custom to your door. Use the time at the Nexus Networking events to get to know our members. Our meetings are structured, giving you the opportunity to air your business to others.

Don’t be afraid to ask your network for help. Nexus Networking is all about helping one another to succeed. Helping one another shows unity, helping to further build stronger relationships.

Keep Your Relationships Strong

Once formed, keep your relationships with members strong by giving them your time. Relationships are built at Nexus Networking but can grow in the office. Organise to spend time with other members, allowing a strong business network to be formed. 

Talk, Listen, Ask Questions

Attending a networking event is not as simple as pitching yourself. Make the most of networking by gaining a true understanding of every individual and their business in the room. Take the time to listen to others and ask relevant questions.


Nexus Networking was formed to create a network of business people, all wanting to further their contacts within the industry. If you feel your business could benefit from attending a Nexus Networking event, contact us today on 01206 656 160 or email