Easter only around the corner now! This is a special and important time of year especially if your of a Christian belief, but also if you’re a huge fan of Chocolate and all that comes with it!

The opening of the Easter eggs and spending time with the family signifies an end to the working proceedings for a long weekend for many of us – a time of rest and an opportunity to recharge the batteries if you will!

Nexus Networking Group has provided the art of successful business networking and this is an area we continue to focus on since the turn of the year 2018.

We all buy from people, whether it be an Easter egg, a car or a service, so subsequently, there is no greater means of investment for your business than to pay for this privilege.

Whilst doing trade with those at the meetings is important throughout the year, truly successful business networking comes through connecting one another with contacts outside of the meeting and this comes through; trust, knowledge, understanding, discussions and asking questions.

This is why we have designed Nexus Networking to be a structured business networking experience you can take advantage of in the future. This is proven to be successful for any size business in any industry and we welcome you to put this to the test if you’re not currently a member.

Not only have we grown as a Networking outlet, we have welcomed many new members to our weekly groups. Why not experience these events in Chelmsford, Brentwood and Marks Tey. If you’re already a member, you will know how powerful these groups can be when it comes to Business networking.

Whether you’re new to the world of business networking or not, Nexus Networking is the answer if you are a credible and reliable trades-person or professional hungry to do more business. You do not have to be a slick presenter, just have a passion and interest at what you’re paid to do and for others that want to also share their business with the groups.

Our mission at Nexus Networking is to help businesses of all sizes develop and work together to create new, repeat business. We want our members to team up for new ventures as they create genuine, long-term relationships through their Nexus membership.

We want to give each and every Nexus member an expansive contact base in order to grow and ongoing support and training to ensure efficiency. By offering both, as well as supporting local charities, we hope to give our members a membership that exceeds their expectations and gives as much as possible to the local community.

As Nexus continues to grow, we want to further create a solid network of credible, reliable tradespeople and business professionals that are hungry for more business across Essex and neighbouring counties.

Nexus Networking wants to differentiate from other networking groups: our meetings follow a structured agenda that is designed to ensure the greatest return on investment.

We want every member to value their part in an organisation that offers them so much in return. Being part of a network that offers support and growth means that our members’ businesses can enhance efficiency now and into the future.

On behalf of the Nexus Networking Directors, Danny Nevill, Gavin Perrett and Rob Browning, we would like to take the opportunity to say a Happy Easter and we look forward to seeing you all after the bank holiday weekend!