Office Meeting

We at Nexus Networking pride ourselves in offering a base for businesses to create strong relationships to help them thrive. We do so by offering a range of group networking evenings as well as open days, training days, and social events. With a varied package, we have no doubt that Nexus Networking can help develop your networking requirements.


Want to give us a try?

Nexus Networking understands that your business is incredibly important to you, and every penny spent should be done so without haste. Therefore, we offer a try before you buy policy. For £15 per visit, you can have two visits to a Nexus Networking event. We encourage all potential members to come along as a guest to meet the team of current members. By doing so, you will see for yourself the benefits you could gain by joining the organisation.

You get out what you put in

When potential members ask us what their level of return on investment will be, our answer will be the same, you get out what you put in. A figure cannot be plucked out of the air, it is determined on factors such as the number of group visits, your industry connections at the meeting, and how well your relationships have formed. 


No one likes to be the newbie

Nexus Networking is all in the name ‘networking’. No one likes to be the new one in the room. However, our group sessions are led with the intention of getting the room talking. We want you to gain the most from our sessions, therefore we structure our meetings allowing everyone to have an introduction and the opportunity to interact. To gain a stronger relationship with other business owners, one to one sessions also take place at our weekly meetings. Such sessions enable both participants to learn at an in-depth level, the other remembers business and visa versa. 

Contact Nexus Networking to become a member today

If you have any questions regarding Nexus Networking Group, or if you would like to join one of our events as a guest click here. Alternatively, contact us directly to talk to one of our experts on 01206 656 150 or email