A number one source of new business being generated is through a referral from happy customers or clients. Arguably there is no better lead than one that has been sent your way with a strong referral, this makes your business noticeable and beneficial to a prospective new client from a raving fan of your business. But how do you get your satisfied customers to put your name out there?

The best time to activate this approach is at a time when you have provided excellent service. There’s no need to be shy in this process, don’t feel as if you’re hounding or looking desperate. If you’re delivering what is required to your current client then they will feel obliged to put your name out there for others to benefit from your service – before you know it you’ll be landing big money from your happy client’s help. The trick is to assume your clients would be happy to refer you. Let them tell you if they are uncomfortable doing so.

One of the biggest improvements you can make in your referral campaigning is to
communicate with all current and past customers regularly, and always include a request for referrals. It reminds all that appreciation in terms of support goes a long way, helping your referral project go a long way.

Another worthwhile step is to add links to your website pages, emails and social media platforms. These links can help current clients to review your business or service, it keeps up the communication.

This approach helps them figure out how to describe their experience. Many people are afraid of looking silly in print or while talking to peers, so you can send them other reviews people have done as models.

Once a referral has been posted or given to you personally, it is always a good idea to reward that person or business. Depending on the referral type, gestures of thanks and recognition should be kept simple. But ultimately, make sure they are genuinely praised for their help and efforts.

After all they are the connection between you and a potential new client, it only takes a few minutes to be referred, but make sure you act upon it and put the rest of the work in. Perhaps even send a referral back to them, if appropriate for their line of work from one of your own clients.

Overall, the referral process should be cemented as a personal mindset into every touchpoint that you have with your customer base. Asking for referrals should come as second nature within business.

At Nexus Networking Group, our members generate near £30,000 of income per year from their Networking membership. The majority is generated by the power of referral marketing – maybe it’s time you did so too!

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