Gavin Perrett is a founding member of Nexus Networking alongside Paul Lomas and Rob Browring. His current position is that of Sales and Marketing Director. As the Sales and Marketing Director it is Gavin’s job to oversee and coordinate the inbound and outbound sales activity that is at the heart of the Nexus business mission! He also helps market Nexus, as an entity in and of itself as well as the members that help make the network possible in the first place. He makes sure all members, old or new, whatever their industry or position, benefit from all the wonderful things that Nexus has to offer – of which there is many! He coordinates the growth and sustainability of each group, making sure each one grows into its full potential as a veritable smorgasbord of opportunity and potential prosperity. If you want to join Nexus, or if you want to get a friend, business partner or family member involved, then Gavin is your man! A membership with Nexus Networking is guaranteed to generate you and your business profit in ways you didnt even know existed!

Owner of multiple businesses, Gavin is a decorated businessman. Will Protect and Hawkhurst are doing extremely well in their respective fields, and Gavin is always looking to extend his portfolio. With a keen eye for investments, Gavin has tried his hand at many business ventures, making him the perfect Sales and Marketing Director for Nexus. With connections from all over the business world, he is the perfect man to lead Nexus Networking’s sales and marketing ventures!

Ambitious, driven and yet still down to earth, Gavin is kind and welcoming to any and all, and he is always ready and willing to help new and old members alike with whatever they might need!