Here at Nexus we aim to keep growing and expanding, gaining more members giving you more opportunity to network with new people. We currently have four groups running already, all in the morning – Monday to Thursday. These groups are doing very well and all our members are seeing the great benefits that Nexus offers. 

As of Tuesday 3rd September we will be launching our new group! This group will run the first Tuesday of every month, 12 noon until 3pm. After this first event we will be inviting people to become members at a cost of £360 per annum plus £50 joining fee. By joining Nexus you will get the chance to speak in front of fellow members about your business, getting to sell yourself and your product or service. In return you will receive the chance to ask experienced business owners questions and be mentored by them.


Nexus can bring you so many new referrals and helpful links. This new lunchtime group opens up the chance for business owners who are parents to join us. We have chosen the time we have, to hopefully fit in around the kids school times so you don’t have to worry about picking them up late. 

On 3rd September we will be holding the group at the Wine Cellar on Duke Street in Chelmsford. There is only space for 30 people so make sure you enquire quick! Refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided and there is no category lock out. This event will be less formal networking with a two minute presentation slot per member.

If Nexus Networking sounds like something you want to be part of them make sure you fill out the joining form on our website and someone will get in contact with you to let you know whether you have been successful. If you have any questions then you can call us on 07776 157503 or you can email us at