Unlike most other networking organisations, at Nexus you benefit from far more than just business networking and all benefits come inclusive of your membership fee. There are no additional charges or hidden fees.

One key benefit that members of Nexus love is the free business coaching and training sessions provided by Natalie Jackson and Kent Rhodes of ActionCoach.

Each training session covers a specific topic designed to help you either increase profit margins, enhance your productivity at work, make the most of every meeting or up-sell and cross-sell more to your existing client base.

There are many facets to business with far too many to cover in one session, subsequently all members of Nexus benefit from complimentary business training every 6 weeks.

No other networking organisation offers free business training to its members, however, this is one of the many reasons that companies are moving their networking activities to Nexus Networking.

If you wish to experience Nexus networking for free, please contact Gavin Perrett on 0777 615 7503 or email Gavin@hawkhurstai.com