How Do You Follow Up With A New Connection?

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When you attend Nexus Networking Group, how do you follow up with a new connection?

Do you struggle with meeting new people, fall on your sword when representing your business, or simply have trouble remembering names? The key to fostering a healthy, long-term, referral-generating relationship, is a simple plan of action – let’s take a look at the process!

Before Networking

Start as you mean to go on! Begin your preparation even before you arrive at a networking event – fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as they say. Make sure you’re wearing your thinking cap when it comes to presenting yourself, your business and taking a keen interest in your potential new connection.

When you are on top of your game, people you meet will remember you and your follow-up will be that much better. This is why practising your networking pitch is essential – projecting yourself aloud can help you make it memorable and easy to deliver and come across well to that new connection sitting in the audience.

Oh, and don’t forget those business cards – meeting new connections and searching for your trusty cards in your pocket, only to then pull out some pocket fluff – probably not the smoothest move you would make! A paper and a pen will also come in handy when you go to an event.

During Networking

First things first, that business card, pen and paper you remember? Well, it’s time to put it to good use!

When you get talking with a connection about business, trade business cards with that someone you’ve spoken to and take some key notes. From a brief conversation and some scribbles on a bit of paper, a worthwhile connection can be made if you choose to follow up after the event.

Try not to go in full guns blazing selling your product and/or service either, networking isn’t about trying to convince people to buy your product or service. You are essentially educating new people on your business and learning what your connection does also. The question is can you help each other out in the future? That’s the main thing to think about.

After Networking

It’s time to follow up!

Aim to begin a long-term relationship with someone new you have met at the event you have been to. Use the notes information you wrote down and build up the facts, while starting the conversation with a shared interest or ask how their day has been – a good ice breaker can go a long way.

However, you may find following up can be difficult, because you don’t want to feel pushy, or like you are bothering someone. As mentioned before, you’re not selling selling your business to someone, you’re creating and then developing a relationship into something beneficial for all involved.

With this in mind, don’t let the fear factor put you off, as a quick email, handwritten note and a social media follow can happen in the same evening as the morning you met the connection in question. Don’t allow the connection to filter away after a waiting a week for your first point of contact for example, as this will potentially leave your new connection wondering how you met.

Ultimately, try to leave a good last impression at events, by following up quickly with new connections and seek out ways you can help others in business.

Do you have any other ideas or use any processes of your own to follow up with new connections at Nexus Networking Group? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

One of the most beliefs of Nexus is that we strive to help you become better in all areas of business. Whether it be meeting new contacts, improving your business or yourself personally.

If you’re not a member already, you could benefit from being a part of our groups for now and the future of your business.

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