In any life situation, work or pleasure you may find it difficult to remember names of people you have met – especially if you haven’t seen them in a while – but let’s face it, we’ve all drawn a name blank at certain times of our life. But what’s the best practice if it happens all the time?

Does it worry you that you can’t remember whether her name was Georgia or Gemma or ‘thingy’ from you know, that place, I think his name was Harry, or maybe it was Barry? It can be a literal nightmare!

Perhaps these FIVE points can help you put a name to the face!

  • When you first meet someone, mention their name a few times in conversation
  • Focus on your conversation
  • Ask a few questions that are deeper than surface level
  • Connect their name with someone or something you already know
  • As you close your conversation, get their business card so you can write a couple of notes about them on the back

Failing to remember someone’s name is not only embarrassing, but it can also come across as insulting in a professional environment such as networking.

Five Tips

A person’s name is theirs and as obvious as that may sound, it’s worth getting right from the first time you refer to them. Everybody knows that people make the effort to remember things that are important to them – from a birthday or special anniversary, to a personal identification number or favourite football team. Therefore, when you fail to remember someone’s name, especially the second or third time they tell it to you, it sends a clear message that you do not deem them important – this can prove detrimental from a business perspective even if you really do have the memory of a Goldfish…

Essentially, remembering a person’s name makes a lasting and positive first impression on them, and we all know that first impressions count for everything in business. Learning another person’s name is the first, most basic step in showing respect and building a meaningful relationship – now you’ve just got to remember to take this on board…

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