If you’re a good business professional, you’ll know the importance of attending your networking event. Networking, like so many other things, can be a very powerful string to your bow. But how do you go about ensuring that you are leaving a lasting impression at the networking event you attend?


Here is a short list of professional things you may want to think about having on your possession to work that room, the next time you appear at Nexus Networking Group.

A Plan of Action

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail… One of the worst feelings coming out of a networking event is the little thought into your purpose of being there and subsequently what you did wrong.
Planning ahead of the event will also stand you in good stead in terms of what you want to accomplish, types of people you want to meet in a specific industry perhaps? A well devised plan helps you stay focused on the objective, how you are going to deliver it and why you want it to be a success.

The Pitch

This may fall into the category of ‘A Plan of Action’ but preparing for your rough 60 second pitch is incredibly beneficial. The last thing you want is struggling for direction, when you could have had a simple plan beforehand. Ultimately, you want to get all your company’s key points covered during your pitch, getting the all important message out there as to why your business is providing the best service and/or product.

Business Cards

What better way to make a first impression than to give a potential new client your business card, with a firm handshake! Despite modern technology being able to do everything you ask, a business card is still a professional piece of document in business – every good business person should have a business card to hand! Be sure to have a large number of these professionally printed too!

Pen & Paper

There is nothing quite like the good old fashioned pen and paper is there? Well in terms of networking, it is one of your most important tools! Perhaps you are used to recording your business dealings or events within your personal diary, well, don’t stop there! Note taking is beneficial to you more than you may realise, you can relay a conversation back easily when you take notes at the time of meeting new clients – this will more than likely impress, as you’re keen to do business with them and iron out every requirement.

Simply jot down a few thoughts about why and how you want to connect with someone at a later date, it could be the difference into getting that client to give you the go-ahead to do business. In turn, when you’re next sat at your computer and subsequently following up with an email or phone call, you’ll have all the information right in front of you.


It is always handy to have a bottle of drink, water rather than Vodka obviously… Water can help clear the throat and keep you cool under pressure. Perhaps some breath mints may also help throughout the time you’re there, the quickest way to turn someone off your business approach and have them not hear a word you say is to kill them with your breath.

We hope these professional tips help when it comes to networking with us at Nexus Networking Group. Would there be anything you add to your own experience of networking? What you take along to an event or plan beforehand? We’d love to hear from you!

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