Each week, Nexus sets 10 minutes aside during meetings for our Speaker Series. Last week, Allen Smith spoke to his group on financial management, and Natalie Williams discussed her role as an Business Coash with ActionCOACH.

As a partner at a major financial management firm, Allen Smith has brought his expertise in financial advice to Nexus. During his presentation, he focussed on the difference between ISAs and other financial products. With an average rate of 1.08%, there is currently around £28m held in UK Cash ISAs. However, around a third of Cash ISAs actually fail to pay a return that beats inflation, says Allen. So, is the ISA making the most of long-term tax benefits? Allen thinks not – “They’re a good haven for deposits, holiday funds and emergency funds, but they don’t provide the returns we’re looking for.” You can see Alan’s full presentation in the video below or click here to view it on Youtube.

It was then over to Natalie Williams who discussed with her group her role as a Business Action Coach. She began with a short introduction, talking about what brought her into the industry initially – having managed several SMEs whilst bringing up two children and learning from her mistakes, she began to see gaps in business-owner’s knowledge. During a recession, Natalie says, this is what often prevents businesses from expanding. Since she is passionate about the local area and seeing locals SMEs succeed, she brought some of her coaching knowledge to Nexus.

In her role as a coach, she brings knowledge where there are gaps and creates a structure of accountability – both within a business and, accountability to oneself. This, she says, makes achieving your goals easier. It’s also essential to make your goals clear. When asking the group what one of their aims or goals may be, one replied “I’d like to take a day off and not worry about it; knowing the company’s in safe hands.” Sadly, as many business-owners know, this is a common dream. But, Natalie believes that if we are open to change and embrace learning, along with holding ourselves accountable and being proactive with marketing, we can be successful in achieving our goals. She runs an Actionclub fortnightly on a Tuesday evening, 6pm-7:30pm.

At Nexus we have members from many different trades, all with a wealth of knowledge, which they are keen to share with fellow members. If you like what you’ve read, why not come along to our next Speaker Series? Contact Paul Lomas on 07807 494530 or email paul.lomas@energycentric.co.uk to book your place.