As Nexus members will be aware, Action Coach provides complimentary business coaching to all members on a per six week basis. The upcoming training event delivered by Natalie Williams from Action Coach will be on Team Management.

If you are yet to experience the benefits of business coaching, then this is the ideal opportunity for you at just £15 as a non member. Regardless of whether you own an established business or a start up, there is always more to learn and to consider for your company.

As Natalie always quotes, she is like a personal trainer, except from making your muscles bigger, she makes your wallets larger. As we are all aware, owning a business is not all about monetary benefits, but a sense of achievement, enjoying what you do and providing careers for others. Sometimes this is lost through a lack of control, systems and a team that does not support you and these are the issues Natalie will help you tackle.

At the event, Natalie will share tips and strategies on how to motivate your team, build a bond with all team members and processes you need to put in place to ensure all customers receive a consistent experience from your team.

All are areas Natalie specialises in and can help you manage your business in a more streamlined, systemised manner to remove all headaches and lost time from your company.

Members, if you have not already, please inform the team at Action Coach on 01268 411230 to confirm whether you will be attending. Guests and non-members, please also inform the team at Action Coach on 01268 411230 or via email at if you wish to attend.

Events delivered by Action Coach are normally £350 to attend, however, collectively the fee is somewhat less on a per person basis due to our group booking. Subsequently, guests and visitors will only need to pay £15 for your first visit as this covers your breakfast and refreshments.

Bring plenty of paper, a pen and an open mind as there will be lots to learn!:
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Event Details

Chelmsford City Football Club, Melbourne Community Stadium, CM1 2EH
Date: Friday 28th October 2016
Arrive: 6.30am
Start: 7am
End: 8.30m
Open Networking 8.30am to 9am

Contact Details

T – 01268 411230
E –