The benefits of Nexus Networking are endless as new ideas between members are always forthcoming – so the rewards are a permanent feature, but what other benefits do you get from becoming a member.

Free Business Training – As a member you will receive free business training and professional coaching in our monthly events, focusing on Marketing and Sales, Delivery, Finance, Time Management and Destination to name but a few. Access to these events, and the training and support you will collect will save your business £100 an hour.

Free Video Production – Obtain a professionally produced video featured on the Nexus Youtube channel, which will promote you and your business to millions of potential clients. This will enhance the reputation and position of your business and can be a green light to direct traffic around your social media platforms and your website.

Online Marketing – Receive daily promotions of your businesses, and the products and services you offer via social media. You’ll benefit from a third party promoting your business and be positioned as a leading company.

New Business – Your fellow members become your sales force. Consider the impact of having over twenty advocates actively prospecting on behalf of your business week in week out! Ask yourself if you have the capacity for taking on more business either now or at other times in the year. If the answer is yes then you will benefit from your membership
The average member generates over £27,000 of income per year from their Nexus membership with many members drawing in excess of 40% of their business from active networking within the group.

Corporate Social Responsibility – We raise a targeted sum of money for charities throughout the year, giving us a moral standing to be proud of. 88% of consumers say they were more likely to buy from a company who supports charity as we do, so will you.

So why don’t you double your money within twelve months, and if you don’t we’ll give you your money back.

Become part of our networking team by joining here or call 07776 157503. Alternatively email Visit our website for more details, members and events.