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Danny Nevill - Marketing Director

Danny Nevill is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and one of three Directors of Nexus Networking Ltd. Danny is a driven and passionate entrepreneur who is a huge advocate for professional business networking. Qualified in finance and an expert marketer, Danny heads up online marketing for Nexus Networking as it continues to expand and grow leading business networking groups throughout Essex and beyond thereafter. Danny believes in ongoing and sustainable growth for the benefit of Nexus as a company and its valued members. As a member of Nexus Networking, you not only have access to Danny Nevill to support and advise with your marketing, but also his team at Universal Web Design who are at hand for all members to update their business profile page within the Nexus website and marketing through the various Nexus Networking marketing channels which include; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email, Mobile, Websites and Apps. You can reach Danny Nevill on 01206 588 000
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Gavin Perrett - Sales Director

Gavin Perrett is also one of the three founding members of Nexus Networking. Gavin is responsible for overseeing the sales and marketing activities within Nexus Networking to ensure each group grows with new members and that all members who are part of Nexus Networking benefit from various marketing activities that come inclusive within their membership. Gavin works closely with both Danny and Rob to ensure that financial demands are met and the operations of Nexus Networking are fulfilled to the standards proposed at all meetings. If you wish to join Nexus Networking or you know someone who would like to join Nexus Networking, please inform Gavin as he will liaise with you or your contacts accordingly to ensure all information needed is provided and any questions answered. If you wish to contact Gavin, please call 07776 157503 or email
Rob Browring - Operations Director

Rob is also one of the three founding members of Nexus Networking and who is responsible for the operations of Nexus Networking to ensure that all meetings run smoothly, effectively and as they should. Nexus Networking utilises a proven networking process to ensure all members benefit from every meeting and that you generate a high return on investment at the end of each year as all members do. Rob sits in on all committee meetings within all groups to take note of and implement agreed upon points raised by Nexus Networking members to ensure; general meetings, open days and training events are all managed effectively and improved on an ongoing basis. If you believe that Nexus Networking could improve, please provide Rob with this information as most points tend to be addressed within circa 60 days dependent upon the urgency applied. Please call Rob on 07860 584532 or email