Contact Details

Member: Daniel Holliday
Company: DTS Building Materials
Phone: 01206 615 606
Mobile: 07701 338 083
Nexus Role: Education Coordinator
Category: Building Supplies


  • General Building Materials

  • Windows and Doors

  • Insulation and Acoustic Solutions

  • Flat Pack Housing

  • Bespoke Joinery

  • Specified but difficult to get hold of materials

  • On site product demonstrations

  • Talks/seminars on choosing specific products (example – why use timber windows over uPVC etc).

Business Profile

The initial plan for DTS was to take the model of how I was selling windows and doors, but from another perspective (the supply chain was supplieràbuilders merchantàcustomer), the builders merchant stood to gain the most; for often little work.
Knocking this on its head, I had the thought of “What if I can work with the supplier as the merchant/agent and have a really close relationship with the end customer?” It’s not a new model and there are others using this concept for success, however we all each specialise in different fields, widening our network further, and allowing for intercompany transaction; we all win. The ideas expanded further when my Dad took voluntary redundancy from his post of 28 years in the same industry and came on board at the beginning of November; at this point we spent the six weeks prior to Christmas building on our network; working with new suppliers and conversing with anyone that would listen prior to our soft launch in January of this year (2019).
We’re now in a position of marketing implementation; website implementation and turning the industry on its head – explaining that there is an alternative way of purchasing building materials, that will not only save the customer time, but also money. A full launch will go with our website and marketing strategy!


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