Networking across generations is an invaluable tool. Everyone has different experiences that they can share as well as different skills. The older generation will be more likely to advise on situations they have come across throughout their long careers. The younger generation will have skills in technology that the older generation simply does not possess. Workplaces are now becoming more and more generationally diverse. This means that there is a wide range of experience in any one workplace. 

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Why it matters

There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to the generational gap. The Millenial Generation, for example, certainly has those. These are those that were born between the ’80s and ’90s and have grown up around email communication, the internet and modern technology in general. They are also more likely to have had overprotective parents. This has led to a certain perception of this generation. They are seen as overindulged, less inclined to do heavy work and more interested in their phones than real life. They are also seen as tech-savvy, innovative, progressive and creative.

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The older generations are seen in a somewhat different light. They are seen as more willing to do hard work, to be loyal to the companies that they work for. They are also the ones that are seen as less likely to be computer literate and struggle with the more technical aspects of their job. Stereotypes are unfair, but in many cases, they are true and this is where coss generation networking can aid you. 

Networking can be a pain, but their benefits can far outweigh their issues. Cross-generational networking is a way to combine the hard-working loyalty of the previous generations with the technical knowhow ambition of the younger generations. Each generation can learn from another to aid in a stable business and harmonious working atmosphere. We can help to make those valuable connections, so please, contact us now to find out more at