Nexus Committee Meetings

Following the first meeting of each month, the committee are to congregate and discuss any issues and positive progression within the group as well as new members and visitors soon to attend Nexus in preparation of their attendance.

Each committee meeting is to include the:

● Group Director
●Membership Coordinator
● Operations Coordinator
● Visitor Hosts

Below is a structure and overall agenda to each committee meeting and it is advised that the Membership Coordinator of the group takes notes and circulates those notes with those who attended as well as the Directors of Nexus, listed below, following each meeting.

● Sales Director - Gavin Perrett
● Marketing Director - Danny Nevill
● Accounts & Operations Director - Rob Browring


Breakfast & Venue
● Any issues
● Positive notes

Top Table
● Any issues
● Positive notes

● Any changes needed

Existing Members
● Any issues to discuss
● Any members to praise

● Our support for them
● Their support with referrals

● Who has what guests attending & when
● Which visitors are keen and close to join
● What categories should we add to our target list within the script

● Profiles that need updating
● Profiles that need adding

Any other business

Please ensure to circulate all notes with the Nexus Directors as listed above to ensure any notes made are considered accordingly.

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