Do you want a regular morning networking event to attend? Because we have one coming your way!

We have been working hard to create more networking events for you, and with this latest weekly event coming up we have done it!

With a new and exciting venture in Chelmsford, starting on the 6th of June 2019 we will be hosting a weekly breakfast for those looking to network with like-minded business professionals.

This weekly breakfast will be held between 6:30am and 8:30am – it doesn’t have to interrupt your day or your business activities. So let yourself enjoy the most important meal of the day, a steaming hot coffee/ tea and a room full of exciting business prospects.

The venue itself will be within The County Hotel, which is a two-minute walk from the train station with accessible parking. There is no need to worry about additional transportation costs and worries. With the previous event being held here, we know it will run smoothly and to the best standard you expect.

The meetings/breakfasts will be structured into small presentations about a variety of business, giving you the opportunity to showcase your business and who you are – eliminating awkward introductions and to help you get the most out of the group.

Just one of the many benefits of being part of Nexus is the brilliant people who are part of it, with a brilliant range of business types there is so much opportunity and information for you to obtain.

Join today and enjoy the new networking location of The County Hotel on offer at Nexus Networking Group – come to all of our upcoming events and benefit from the power of face-to-face networking!

The County Hotel